Change…the one thing we can all depend on

I find it somewhat ironic that uncertainty and change are all that I can actually “depend” on these days. While most details of my life continuously dangle up in the air, the one constant that always seems to remain is that nothing ever stays the same. After spending the last few months in the frigidlyContinue reading “Change…the one thing we can all depend on”

Movies and real life

Anyone ever thought about how actors and actresses often find themselves in real life situations that reflect roles they’ve played on the big screen? Sandra Bullock became the adopted mother of a beautiful, burly African American boy in “The Blind Side.” Sandra Bullock became the adopted mother of a beautiful, burly African American boy inContinue reading “Movies and real life”

The dreams in my bookshelves

My favorite English professor at UCD used to always say that the best way to get to know someone is by browsing through her bookshelves. And once I decided to start phase two of my annual Spring Cleaning process (the organization phase that follows the big drop-off at the county dump phase, but precedes the “You threw that away??Continue reading “The dreams in my bookshelves”

Highs, lows and weirds

The last few weeks have been a typical, crazy whirlwind of events, one that you may have thought I’d be used to by now…but there’s no getting used to chaos when you’re me. The highs have been high, the lows have been low, and the weirds have been weirder than ever. Danny and I liveContinue reading “Highs, lows and weirds”

Snapshot of right now

I had no idea that when Danny and I got married last summer we were also secretly initiated into the “you are now eligible to receive family Christmas cards” club. Go figure. One after the other we received the most beautiful Christmas cards this year from both friends and family alike, some of whom we hadn’t spokenContinue reading “Snapshot of right now”