I’ve been debating whether or not to start a blog for over a year now, but today, the internal argument has literally spilled out of my head and into my laptop. As much as I love the idea of sharing my happenings, my thoughts, and my opinions with everyone, friends and strangers alike, I keep asking myself what I have to offer. There are already millions of blogs out there. Blogs about being a writer, being a woman, being a daughter, sister, and a friend. Blogs about being married, and even blogs about being an NFL wife. They all already exist, so what exactly would be the point? And I suppose that today, I’ve finally answered my own question. There really isn’t a point at all. There’s no point, no pressure, no deadline, no reason…just me, doing what I love, because it fills my bucket. So here I am. I guess we’ll see. I may just do it after all.

Stay tuned…


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