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We all have to make it

Last Friday my sweet, black son learned that some will hate him because of the color of skin. And it broke his fucking heart.  … All his life, Lennon thought that racism was something that only existed in history books. A crazy idea from a crazy time, that was somehow deactivated with the stroke ofContinue reading “We all have to make it”

See the good

Oh, hey old friend. It’s been a while. A long while. But I suppose I couldn’t stay away forever.  I used to blog. I used to write to keep friends and family in the loop about what my husband and I, and eventually our kids, were up to while we followed a tumultuous NFL careerContinue reading “See the good”

NFL wives

Just down the winding street from our house is a charming little school called North Elementary that my family knows very, very well. It’s home to the little playground with the grey “spinny thing” that Lennon has loved (to watch, not ride) since he has had an opinion. Home to a sprawling field where DannyContinue reading “NFL wives”

Our family bed

My new years resolution for 2015 was to make time to write again. A little over two months into the new year and here I am. Maybe it was the writer’s equivalent of the age old resolution, “I’m gonna make time for myself this year” or maybe I just missed being able to read myContinue reading “Our family bed”

Another year, another campaign

I recently came across a craft lesson on Pinterest that showed me how take an ordinary map of the US and turn it into a cute wall hanging using pins and thread. When done correctly, the pulled thread would create a cozy heart around the city that I call home and the framed product would be absolutely adorable. Once I decided that this might be a DIY project that I’dContinue reading “Another year, another campaign”

An open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Dear Mr. Goodell, I see that you’ve been catching a lot of heat lately. In fact, you seem to be quite the disfavored crusader these days. I’m sure that you’re very aware that the rule changes you’ve implemented in the NFL over the last few years haven’t been very popular among the masses. Fans, broadcasters, even players, continuously criticize the effort you’ve made to makeContinue reading “An open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell”

Oh the adventures…

Yesterday I put the peanut butter in the dishwasher, a few days before that I put bibs in my underwear drawer and a week before that I pumped hand soap onto my toothbrush. I haven’t actually known what day of the week it was at any given point in time over the last two months and itContinue reading “Oh the adventures…”


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