Movies and real life

Anyone ever thought about how actors and actresses often find themselves in real life situations that reflect roles they’ve played on the big screen? Sandra Bullock became the adopted mother of a beautiful, burly African American boy in “The Blind Side.” Sandra Bullock became the adopted mother of a beautiful, burly African American boy in real life. Liam Neeson mourned the loss of his dear wife in an emotional funeral scene in “Love Actually.” Liam Neeson mourned the loss of his dear wife Natasha Richardson after a tragic skiing accident. Katie Holmes often gushed over her dream guy, Tom Cruise, in the T.V. show Dawson’s Creek. Katie Holmes Cruise is now a household name. I could go on for days.

I’ve recently taken note of the countless theories about the law of attraction that swirl around these days. Theories that suggest that if you think it (even if you’re being fed your thoughts the way actors and actresses are) it will exist. It will exist and also manifest itself in your life. And I think it’s true.
The Bible says that we are all created in God’s image and I believe that to be so. I believe with my whole heart that the reflection of Him that exists in us, is our thoughts. It’s the little voice that you hear when you read silently and the one that gets loud and frantic when you’re lying in bed at night worrying about something. The voice that narrates the dreams you dream when you close your eyes and the one that silently curses the guy that cut you off on the freeway. It’s your divine spirit, your “I.” It’s your subconscious and it’s the most powerful thing you possess.

A few months ago I started to create a football scrapbook for Danny. I began organizing all of the newspaper clippings and magazine articles I’ve saved over the years. I rummaged through shoe boxes of photos and Tupperware of pins and paraphernalia and I attempted to lay them out in chronological order. I was somewhat taken aback when I found that the earliest “football” picture that I had of him was taken at the age of 9. My surprise, of course, stemmed from the fact that he didn’t actually start playing football until he was a freshman in high school. In the 1992 photo, Danny is posing behind the wooden cut out of a Los Angeles Rams football player at Magic Mountain in Southern California. The smile that connected his chubby cheeks was bigger than life and I couldn’t help but think…one thought, one photo. There are no coincidences.

So if the law of attraction exists and if God really does exist in our thoughts, shouldn’t we all do our very best to wipe negative and/or fearful thoughts out of our heads? I know, it’s harder than it sounds. Every time I get a phone call after 11pm my heart skips a beat and I immediately become nervous that there has been some sort of tragedy or mishap that couldn’t wait until morning. So sad. And it’s usually just someone who forgot that there is a two hour time difference between St. Louis and California. Every time there is even a smidgen of turbulence on an airplane, I instantaneously imagine what my last few seconds of life would be like if it began going down in flames. Just plain unhealthy. I let my subconscious take me to places that tie my stomach into knots instead of places that make me feel safe and secure, and I’m tired of wasting my magical subconscious powers.

Can you imagine how different our lives would be if we took all of our negative energy and replaced it with happy thoughts? Hopes and dreams. Faith and confidence. Our entire bodies would unclench and we could open our minds to the endless possibilities that would undoubtedly make up our futures. If we have the ability to take one thought, one photo, and turn it into our reality, how can we not make the best of them.


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