NFL wives

Just down the winding street from our house is a charming little school called North Elementary that my family knows very, very well. It’s home to the little playground with the grey “spinny thing” that Lennon has loved (to watch, not ride) since he has had an opinion. Home to a sprawling field where DannyContinue reading “NFL wives”

Same roller coaster, different year

No different than any other year, these last few months have been one heck of an emotional roller coaster. It’s hard to believe that the last time I sat down at my computer to write a blog my sweet baby Layla Liv was still in my belly. It’s even harder to think that just monthsContinue reading “Same roller coaster, different year”

Staying in arms reach of each other

Lennon and I visited a Montessori toddler program a few weeks ago in Mansfield, Massachusetts and were both pleasantly surprised that he absolutely adored it. He loved all of the colorful gadgets and toys, the festive alphabet that decorated the wall, the sweet teachers and of course the fun-sized sink where he could wash hisContinue reading “Staying in arms reach of each other”

An open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Dear Mr. Goodell, I see that you’ve been catching a lot of heat lately. In fact, you seem to be quite the disfavored crusader these days. I’m sure that you’re very aware that the rule changes you’ve implemented in the NFL over the last few years haven’t been very popular among the masses. Fans, broadcasters, even players, continuously criticize the effort you’ve made to makeContinue reading “An open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell”

Oh the adventures…

Yesterday I put the peanut butter in the dishwasher, a few days before that I put bibs in my underwear drawer and a week before that I pumped hand soap onto my toothbrush. I haven’t actually known what day of the week it was at any given point in time over the last two months and itContinue reading “Oh the adventures…”

The "Mom and Dad" that we're becoming

To everyone who warns me that my life is about to change dramatically, I insist that it already has. It may not have changed in the ways that it will in a couple of months but I can’t help but feel light years away from the existence I knew just a few months ago. For one, I used toContinue reading “The "Mom and Dad" that we're becoming”

Change…the one thing we can all depend on

I find it somewhat ironic that uncertainty and change are all that I can actually “depend” on these days. While most details of my life continuously dangle up in the air, the one constant that always seems to remain is that nothing ever stays the same. After spending the last few months in the frigidlyContinue reading “Change…the one thing we can all depend on”

Highs, lows and weirds

The last few weeks have been a typical, crazy whirlwind of events, one that you may have thought I’d be used to by now…but there’s no getting used to chaos when you’re me. The highs have been high, the lows have been low, and the weirds have been weirder than ever. Danny and I liveContinue reading “Highs, lows and weirds”